Roof Inspection

Roofs are often the last thing on anyone's mind, that is until there is a problem. When a roof starts letting water in it's often caused by one of two things. Either recent adverse weather has caused damage to one or more parts of the roof; or your roof has reached a stage where areas are starting to deteriorate.

Typically, by the time you notice damp patches on your ceiling, your roof will likely have been leaking for some time. Insulation in your loft will prevent water from reaching the ceiling until the insulation has become saturated. This means the timber / beams in the loft may have been getting wet without you knowing. This is more of an issue if you rarely go up into your loft, or if your loft has little or no light meaning you don't notice any damp up there.

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Aqua-Proof Roofing uses a variety of rainwater systems to meet your needs. From Osma PVCu Stormline (Deep flow) rainwater systems aimed at luxury detatched houses, to standard high quality Lindab PVC guttering, capable of water ejection suitable for most roof types and sizes.

Fascia options include coverboard to fix in front of existing fascia (assuming existing fascia is sound) and replacement board. Boards come in various colours from white, Light Oak, Mahogony and more. PVC fascias minimise the need for annual maintenance, at most, they will require a wipe over with a damp cloth from time to time.

We also offer covering PVC Soffit boarding for soffits and front gable faces, these can also be vented to allow the loft to breathe and prevent sweating to protect the timber frame inside.

Pitched Roof

Aqua-Proof Roofing provide all types of pitched roofing services. Pitched roofs are the most common in the domestic market and come in any number of shapes and sizes, and in turn, create a large variety of options when having any work done on your roof.

pitchedThe tiles alone can be made from clay, concrete or slate, and each come in a range of styles, sizes and 5 or more colours. The waterproof membrane and battens can also be varied depending on factors involving the existing roof, tile selection, personal preferences and budget. Lead detail is very important on pitched roofs, used in valleys, gulleys and around chimneys, they form the potential weak points on a roof if not done correctly. Aqua-Proof Roofing are City & Guilds Certified in "Lead Welding and Bossing" (shaping / stretching) and provide exceptional quality lead detail for complete piece of mind.

We offer free advice on roof requirements with no obligation to get us in to do the work. We can talk you through, step by step, all requirements and options for your roofing needs. What have you got to lose?

Flat Roof

Aqua-Proof Roofing offer 2 main types of flat roofing solution, built-up asphalt membrane or EPDM Single Ply Rubber membrane.

Built up roofing is made using a bituminous 'torch-on' felt, not dissimilar to the felt you would find on your garden shed, however is applied using a blow torch to melt the membrane and stick it to your roof. Built-up roofing has been used for more than 100 years and is very durable, it offers protection of multiple layers, which perform well in heat, cold, wind, and snow, is easy to repair and is ideal for keeping initial costs down.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Single Ply Rubber Membrane is an eco-friendly rubber compound. It's main properties are it's "outstanding heat and weather resistance". Another advantage of EPDM roofing rubber membrane is that it does not pollute the run-off rainwater, which is of vital importance for rainwater harvesting. Often black in colour, EPDM can last over 50 years without any issues or leaks. A blow torch is not required to fit EPDM, and all joints are sealed by fusing the two layers of membrane together, making joins as strong as the material itself. EPDM can be fitted to any type of flat roof, from an old porch that is leaking, to a brand new large garage, and is often used on commercial buildings such as hotels. For more information, please contact us and we can take you through the available options for EPDM Single Ply Rubber membrane.


Chimneys can either be purely functional, or the main focal point of your roof. For safety reasons, your chimney needs to be maintained, capped if not in use, or sometimes removed if it is causing a hazard. Chimneys can cause serious issues if they are left to deteriorate, so keep an eye on your chimneys condition. Unused chimneys being removed will actually help prevent issues with the roof, as a solid tiled area is more resistant than a number of detailed areas.


Aqua -Proof Roof Roofing offers chimney maintenance, re-pointing, capping and removal / rebuilding services to suit your needs.

When damaged mortar is left to further degrade without maintenance, the bricks or stone has no structural strength and in the worst case, can actually collapse. This will cause significant damage to your roof, but could also seriously injure you or someone passing by.

Aqua-Proof Roofing offer free, no obligation quotes and in the case of chimneys, will happily inspect your chimney free of charge!