Achieving exterior perfection for your home

31st October 2014

Houses, like books, tend to be judged by their covers. Whether the house is being sold and a good first impression is needed or the owner simply wants to show it off to the rest of the neighbourhood, the external appearance is crucial. A house with an attractive exterior will lift the spirits like a tonic, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to spruce it up and transform its character. Here are a few simple ideas that can make all the difference:


Paint the front door

The front door is probably the first thing anyone sees on approaching a house, so use bright, strong colours to give it real character. This is about the only place one can feel free to boldly experiment with colour, so go for it.


Buy good door furniture

If the house is Victorian, buy a good quality Victorian knocker and letterbox. For more recent properties, try chrome or brushed aluminium fittings. Get the best available because with door furniture cheap fittings tend to look even cheaper.


Clean the windows

Windows need to be cleaned regularly. Rotting wood frames are completely out of order and new ones need to complement the rest of the exterior. Glazing bars can be painted any colour, not necessarily white, but again make sure the colour chosen fits in with the overall scheme for the house. Stylish window shutters can be fitted instead of curtains because these look neat, are easy to keep clean and lend a distinctive character to any property. Remember that all window dressings, whether wood and faux blinds, shutters or net curtains, should match when viewing the house from the driveway or street.


Tidy the façade

The façade of a house can be effectively spruced up by repointing, repainting and rendering old stone and brickwork as required. Use sensible colours for the new paint, even if those used on the front door were more adventurous, and ensure that they fit in with the houses either side.


Introduce some greenery

It’s not necessary to have a large front garden to add some attractive greenery to the approach. Even a single creeper can transform the house’s façade, and colourful window boxes are readily available from DIY and garden centres. If space is limited, a pot on each side of the front door will make all the difference.


Have an attractive entrance gate

An entrance gate can make a huge difference to the appearance of a property, and for houses in the countryside it’s pretty much obligatory to have one. The entrance in general should ideally reflect the period of the house, but wrought iron usually works well for most modern houses, electrified or not. Keep the approach clear of rubbish and leaves, and any bicycles or cars need to be neatly parked.

First impressions count, with houses as well as people. A house that looks beautiful and tidy on the outside will say more than a thousand words can about what lies beyond the front door. As such, it will also speak volumes about the occupant.