How to tell if your loft is well insulated, for free!

20th January 2017

Winter has set in and gas and electric bills are going up, so you may be wondering if your home is as well insulated as it should be. Trying to keep as much heat inside your home is as important as ever in these colder months. Escaping heat from badly insulated houses can increase heating bills by up to £250 per year.*

So what does loft insulation do?

Generally speaking, loft insulation is placed in between the joists that make up your highest ceiling (or indeed, the loft floor). The insulation prevents heat from the home escaping into the loft. Assuming you don’t have a loft conversion, most homes do not have roof insulation between the rafters. This means that heat that escapes into the loft is lost through the roof.

How can I tell if I am losing heat through my roof?

There are a number of things you can do.

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Always a reason to improve your home

15th April 2015

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, no matter the season there’s always a reason to improve your home

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Achieving exterior perfection for your home

31st October 2014

Houses, like books, tend to be judged by their covers. Whether the house is being sold and a good first impression is needed or the owner simply wants to show it off to the rest of the neighbourhood, the external appearance is crucial. A house with an attractive exterior will lift the spirits like a tonic, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to spruce it up and transform its character. Here are a few simple ideas that can make all the difference:

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What problems are hidden in your roof?

15th October 2014

So many of us tend to pay little or no attention to the roof over our heads. If there isn’t water pouring in through the ceiling, there’s no problem, right? Unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are a some issues that will not become apparent by the influx of rainwater. Dry rot, woodworm and even wet rot can occur with no obvious symptoms in the rooms below. Read more